Do you need to rent a storage in Mallorca?

Whether you need space at home, store some of your furniture or moving home, we have a storage for rent in Mallorca that will surely satisfy all your space needs.

Renovating your home?

If you have to vacate your house while the renovations last, in InSpace you will find the storage room that best suits your space needs!

Need more space?

Sometimes our homes can become cluttered with too many things…InSpace always has the perfect solution tailored to your needs!

Are you travelling?

If you have decided to go away for a while, store your personal belongings with InSpace in the most comfortable and safe way.

Moving home?

Convenient and safe storage units whenever you need it most.

Why is it better to store your things in a specialized self-storage like InSpace?

Renting a storage room in Mallorca has an infinite number of advantages. The first advantage of renting your storage room with InSpace is that it is completely flexible and adapts to your storage needs. Whether you need temporary space while moving or long-term storage, InSpace provides a cost-effective and flexible solution. 

It’s safe

InSpace is well protected. We have the most advanced video surveillance cameras, perimeter security and a 24-hour connected alarm system.

It’s convenient

Our prices are lower than the market average, offering the best service. We have storage rooms of different sizes so you won't have to pay for a space that you don't need.

It’s flexible

You can upsize or downsize your space depending on your space needs.

How many storage units do we have?

Total number of units
Divided in units from 1m² to 30m²

Get your storage price in Mallorca! Let's get you the best price possible.

Why is it cool to be the InSpace client?

Because we are the most advanced self-storage company. 
My InSpace

My InSpace allows you to view your invoices, pay invoices online, check status and payment history easily and safely.

FREE insurance

We include an insurance of up to € 15,000 per storage unit for your peace of mind and greater security of your belongings.


Easily access your space to comfortably load and unload your belongings.

Access your storage 24/7,  365 days

Access your space 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with maximum security.

Need a quote?

Let’s get you the best price possible!